Sunday, January 13, 2013

Third Time's the Charm

Nope, not a post about a relationship, just my new chicken enchilada soup recipe. This was the third time I've made it and I think I hit the jackpot.

I have a large crock pot. If you have a smaller one, use half the enchilada sauce and half the cheese.

2 large cans mild enchilada sauce
1 regular can hot enchilada sauce
1 can Rotel
1 can Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup
1 can pinto beans (rinsed to get rid of the sudsy stuff)
1 block regular Velveeta cheese
1 supermarket pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.

Empty everything except Velveeta and chicken into crock pot

Use a whisk and carefully mix up everything. If you don't do it this way, the cream of chicken soup will stay as little globs.

Shred all chicken white meat with fork and toss shreds into pot.

Slice Velveeta cheese into quarters, then slice into half inch blocks, stir into pot.

Put crock pot on fast cook 4 hours or low cook 8 hours.

At 2 hours in, take whisk to soup again CAREFULLY! Mix until all smooth. If you splash yourself at this stage, it will be like molten lava, especially the chunks of cheese.

At 3 hours, stir every 15 minutes or it will burn on the sides (yah, skipped that step, but it survived with little damage.)

1 spoonful of sour cream
Shredded Colby jack cheese
White corn tortillas toasted and sliced into strips.

Yay! You have soup!

Makes about 9-12 servings.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Set time destination to 1986!

To preface this Dream, I was watching Iron Man 2 last night while doing some work and also on Pawn Stars, someone tried to sell them a jet. The relevance will be come obvious.

So, I was Dreaming and I found myself in a situation, not sure what was going on but I walked into this jet that was big enough for commercial travel, more the size of a stealth fighter, but white and had a few luxury leather seats. Everything was white inside except for the tan leather seats.

I looked down and noticed I had my Iron Man briefcase suit with me since I realized I would be going back before I created the technology, but I wasn't thinking I was Tony Stark, I was just me.

The flight attendants told us we would be going back to 1986 and we had very limited time to talk to our younger selves.

After we jumped back to 1986, it was easy to locate my younger self. I sat down and talked to him (I was 12 in 1986.) What did I say? Well, of course I told him some women to avoid. Cautioned him on a few women to get involved with especially gave him knowledge of the three ex-wives I have. I told him he would just have to use his best judgement at the time. There was one specific event I warned him to avoid at all costs (but I won't go into that here.)

I then checked my watch and realized the time window was close. I tried to locate the ship but it wasn't around. Then I was told that at the proper time, I would fade out of that consciousness and into the consciousness of the "me" that would be back at the time I left. My first alarm went off and I quickly swiped it off, knowing I wasn't fully integrated back into this timeline. When my 2nd alarm went off I woke up and looked around. I felt something important had changed.  Was it external? No, my environment seemed the same. there may be something but I feel something has changed internally.

Obviously my younger self didn't listen when I said to take it easy on the pizza and milkshakes, nothing has changed there. :D

Any responsible blogger wouldn't post about time travel without a nod to the greatest time travel trilogy of the 80's. (Especially since my dream destination was 1986.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pipe Dreams

(Not my pipe, similar in concept though)

As I was falling asleep, I thought about the drum that my brother made for me and gifted me as a surprise many years ago. I then thought about the rattle he made for me as a surprise gift this past year. I then saw the pipe he has been called by Spirit to craft for me. A gift and responsibility I did not ask for, but will accept with honor.

I have many concerns about carrying this pipe. As I slipped off to dream I asked for clarity and assistance. The following was the Dream I was given.

I sat in a sweat lodge with a few other people. One man leading it I recognized. I don't think it was this man, but he is one I respect and would know about such things.

I sat cross legged in this sweat lodge. A tough thing for someone a bit claustrophobic to do and with the steam, I started to have an attack. I remembered why I was there and relaxed into my purpose and the pipe I was holding.

"May I please see your pipe?" the leader asked. Hesitantly, I held it out to him and the pipe reassured me that everything would be fine and I was not turning it over to him.

The leader then put the pipe in the coals at the center. I was worried for the stem is a very special wood and crafted by a Cherokee elder stem maker. I again was told not to worry. The pipe and stem took on the char that wood gets after it has been roasted in a fire. Concern held me over the possible loss of this item, I was then consoled by a voice that told me that it could not be destroyed or harmed in any way, and a picture of it flashed into my head of the stem and bowl alive with white light.

I took the pipe by the bowl out of the hot stones and held it for a moment and the char traveled over my body so I was now burnt and charred as the pipe was. A flash of light exploded from the pipe and it was untouched but I became dust and spirit. My spirit floated into the bowl and into the pipe.

I became the pipe as seven Elders passed it around as I sang a song in a language I do not know. As it passed the seventh, I became the smoke drifting up to the Great Spirit. I became a prayer.

I floated up and saw a giant buffalo made of solid clouds standing in the clouds. I knew I was a prayer for rain. The Great Buffalo bowed it's head in respect for the prayer and stomped it's mighty hooves bringing thunder and rain as prayed for. The scene switched and jumped back a moment in time.

I was now the Great Buffalo watching the prayers rise up to the clouds. I bowed my mighty head and stomped my mighty hooves calling in the thunder and the rains. I then became the rains falling down to the land.

As rain, I landed on the plants and then became the plants. I grew and saw a few of my leaves harvested and taken into the sweat lodge where I as the leaves was put into the pipe, lit and smoked to become prayers.

I experienced oneness and the cycle of life and prayer. No, I was oneness and the cycle of life and prayer for the "I" ceased to exist except through consciousness when my body was turned to ash and my spirit became the pipe.

I still have a few concerns, however I am confident that this source of guidance shall not fail me.

Spirit chose to bring the task of pipe building to my Brother, and he is doing it in a sacred manner with materials from the proper sources and the proper respect. Spirit gave him the vision that one should come to my hands and it has taken me almost four years to accept it.

I know this will only be the first of many dreams. (I guess I should hurry up and get my pipe bag sewn together.)

With much respect, Amen.