Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gotta Do What You Can Just To Keep Your Love Alive

Ok, so this may seem like an odd title to use for my 2012 Tulsa State Fair adventure blog entry, but actually, it fits as you will see.

So I started off with one of my annual favorites, the steak shish-kebob from the stand by the extreme sports centers. So good! ($10) I also got a water ($2)

Walked up the road eating the kabob when I saw......


Yes, it was very good. I have a slab of bacon in the freezer, I think candy treatment is due for some of it.
 I walked through the Made In Oklahoma section and remembered that I promised the Sa-Mokin BBQ sauce guys I would stop by and say hi. So I grabbed my ribeye sandwich ($6) and headed over.



Not only did he hook me up with sauce for my ribeye, he handed me a bottle and said "take this with you." OMG free BBQ sauce and it wasn't even their Faire special thing to do for the day for a free one! So the sauce beats Head Country hands down in my book and the owners are cool!


So, I wander back outside and see this.... BACON ON ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

I picked the loser. "porkabella" kabobs.

At $13.50 not only were they the most expensive item I found out there, but also the worst choice. The provolone cheese was tasteless! (What there was of it.) Do not buy this, you will regret it. The "bacon" wasn't bacon, it was stringy pork.

If I go back again this year, I am getting the beer battered bacon strips.

Now it was gator meat time!

First bite and my mount went "oh shit, this isn't seasoned."

Gamey, undercooked, and tasteless. Last years was much better. This place also does kick ass shrimp on a stick. I will get the shrimp if I go again.

I found a car sticker booth and picked up a few gifts. I'm sure one may make it north for the ZARV, while one goes to a carny friend. (Save a ticket, ride a carny)

So I wandered the midway... for about 3 minutes and ran from the carnies.
Panorama ftw!
I went inside the main building and got me a soda ($2.50) to wash everything down and found the gemstone guy. A lot of things I bought last year ended up in medicine bags. So I bought more supplies. Carnelian, fluorite, rose quartz and tigereye hearts, turtles, some assorted items and 2 wolves teeth from Tibet. (We won't talk about how much I spent due to 1, it is all for gifting and 2, I don't want to remember how much I spent, heh.)


I wandered around for a while more, talking to a few vendors, checking out the sights. I found a guy with Tibetan stuff for sale, I may go back and get a mandala or two to hang up. Or, I may get this mandala coloring book I saw at the store the other day and color my own :)
Quick stop by the bulk candy maze to load up for work!

$13.50 worth of candy. Used the store card since it's all going in the bowl at work. I swear it is.
With my back starting to hurt from carrying all my goodies, I headed out.
But wait! I forgot the CORNDOG!

Nom, corndog... Grrrrrr
Had to pick up items for the poker game tonight, so I got a few good items:

Jumbo bags of cotton candy, chocolate kettle corn and regular kettle corn.

So, I guess you're still wondering where the title fits in? Well, I went to the fair by myself, but I was never alone. A wonderful friend of mine sent me Facebook messages the entire time and we discussed topics such as the past, love, needs, and how wonderful lasting friendships are.

Looking back on the years gone by like so many summer fields...

(and you thought the cotton candy was sticky sweet :p )

Now, for your listening entertainment, Mr. Jackson Browne!