Monday, January 27, 2014

To new beginnings

 As chapters open and close in our lives, and the lives of those who we love, it's hard not to look aback on the old times, the good times, the times where dreams and nightmares were shared. The realm of penultimate love and brotherhood. The days of staring at the clouds and dreaming of what could be through our lives.

At times like this it's hard to think on the days before that time where we had the same feelings of nostalgia that gave birth to the good times we are now mourning in passing of the times we thought would never end.

At the heart rips out and new doorways to the future open, we weep openly for the pains we have endured and the joy that made us never want to breathe another breath on this earth lest it sully the memory of that perfect moment.

We fear the next steps in every journey as much as we look forward to them. Some drown these sorrows in the spirits of grains, others in the spirits of the hearts. Others look forward to these sorrows as the passing of the rain brings the rainbow of promise of a new tomorrow.

As catalysts, we encourage change in others, but we have to remember this fear and honor this spirit of mourning. Wen the new dawn approaches, we embrace the mourning and the morning as a part of the process of transformation.

This is odd but comes at a time where a part of my life that is more precious than a bond of blood moves on to it's next adventure as I move on to mine. I wish him the best and my heart goes with him and will celebrate the blossoming of the lotus that shall be this new chapter in his life. My spirit shall be in the breeze, it the mist generated from fire and water, and the odd dead fish that will be dropped by a wayward seabird at an inopportune moment.

Even as I sit here amidst tears of joy and rain of times past, I know the future holds many adventures still to come.  I mourn as if something were being ripped apart, when I know it's just an ever widening of the great circle of Relation and resonating energy that binds us of like souls together. Our true family. the souls that danced together in the other world that gravitate towards each other on this plane through a series of chaotically inspired coincidences.

Alas, the past is just shadows, the sun rising in the East for new beginnings cast those shadows into the West into that seat of power whence shadows dwell.

Onward into the coming dawn. I welcome my new sister into my heart with open arms in joy of the brilliance of life inspired in a wandering bear. I know his footsteps in the sand shall never be a single line again.   

 It is often difficult for me to correctly express my emotions and stray off into a joke to hide them, this song came into my head and I listened to it on repeat to keep the proper sense of presence. The lyrics don't directly apply to any of what I wrote but the nostalgic essence is appropriate.